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Catherine Baxter, MBA, BAS, CAFM, AICI CIC

The Canadian Image Coach

Catherine went shopping in downtown Halifax at 3 years old for her first pair of black patent leather shoes and matching handbag and she hasn’t stopped since. As a life-long learner, Catherine was watching some YouTube videos on image consulting and said I can do that. A year later she has her certified image consultant designation, AICI CIC and serves as Treasurer on 2 Board of Directors. Catherine's passion for fashion and style has led to her creating her signature offering Look the Part to help menopausal women dress confidently and be comfortable. Catherine and her husband are living their dream on the eastern seaboard in Canada. Lots of fresh seafood, gardening, preserving and walking along the river. Catherine Baxter, AICI CIC is a Certified Image Consultant with the Association of Image Consultants International, Canada Chapter. Catherine is The Canadian Image Coach and owner of Chic Image Consulting, serving clients online and face to face with her Signature Program. Catherine's image knowledge and fully integrated holistic approach to image help you to be your own kind of beautiful through appearance, behaviour, communication and digital presence as one of 22 certified image consultants in Canada and 1 of 410 in the world. Your potential and her services are limitless. Catherine is the only Indigenous Certified Image Consultant in the world.
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Benefits of Manifest Your Mission

What would it feel like if you could get dressed in 5 minutes looking sleek and chic everyday?

  • More Confidence, More Time, More Success, More Compliments

  • You open your closet and everything fits right now.

  • Increase your confidence and self-esteem by learning to dress your body for your personality and for your lifestyle.

  • Save time and hassle knowing that your outfit can be put together in 5 minutes with no frustration, no confusion and no self-doubt.

  • Dress for your success - be visible. Define what you want out of life and go for it. Get the next promotion or position you want. Change your look, your outlook and get ready for your new adventure.

  • You become a confident Queen of your personal style.

  • You enjoy looking great, confident and comfortable every day for every event.

  • You no longer feel invisible or forgettable.


“Master stylist・Beautiful results・Professional makeovers. Catherine is the epitome of style and it’s an honour to have her input. I felt comfortable during the process and confident in the results. Loved the experience! Can’t wait to try more services!! ”

Joan - Client

“ I Look Healthier. Since Catherine did my Colour Analysis I can see clearly why I needed to have them done. My correct palette makes me look healthier and I feel more confident. - ”

Lisa - Client

“Catherine has changed my whole perspective on colour and my wardrobe colour choices now that I know where my power image lies in which palette.”

Berthe - Client

“What a wonderful experience. Her fashion consulting has been priceless. She not only showed me my colour palette that supported me, she also helped me shop for new pieces that were fabulous on me. I highly recommend her services!”

Clara - Client

“She did my colors and really helped me to remember to step into my best colours for healthy and more powerful image.”

Peggy - Client

“Catherine performed an outstanding job of helping me select quality outfits that look great on me. She also taught me how to think about my silhouette and how to dress it successfully. She was full of answers and solutions for me!”

Stephanie - Client


Stop wasting your time and money on orphan clothing.

A clear understanding of moving from bleak to sleek and chic is a confidence builder. There is a program and principles for style that will get you into your best sense of self to look and live your part. That's what I do!